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Technical Glossary: D

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A file or group of files with related information.

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Software that is distributed for free and contains a stripped down or crippled version of the retail product. Several demo versions have automated scripts that step through the various features in a product while others prevent users to save or print files generated with the demoware product. Either way, the demoware allows the user to look at the available features without giving the user a productive product for free.

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Dialup Account

An account with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) that allows you to connect to the Internet using your phone line and a modem.

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(1.) A place on your computer that stores a collection of related files (or not so related) on your computer. In Windows 95, this same concept is called a Folder. Directories within directories are called Subdirectories.

(2.) An organized system of resources or hypertext links. Sites like Yahoo contain lists of other Internet web sites in an organizational structure that makes it easy to navigate among sites of related content.

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Domain Name

The naming system for web sites. This allows strange and hard to remember Internet Protocol numbers to have a friendly text name associated with it. These names are maintained by Domain Name Registrars like InterNIC. The domain name for AlaNet Internet Services, for example, is

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Domain Name Lookup

Process of translating the IP Address to the Domain Name text value.

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Disk Operating System. The operating system that most PC people are familiar with. It was the first PC operation system.

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The act of retrieving (or get) a file from a romote computer (usually via a modem). Many sites allow you to download software files to try as "shareware" or even use as "freeware". However, not every site is trustworth or cautious and many offer software infected with computer viruses.

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Last Updated: Thursday, March 25, 1999

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