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Technical Glossary: N

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Etiquette for the Internet. Informal set of rules that determine what is acceptable on the Internet and with interacting with other online users.

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Netscape is a large company that creates several popular web and Internet related products -- including the most popular web browser, Netscape Navigator. Netscape Navigator has been so popular, that many people refer to it as simply "Netscape".

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Netscape Communicator

This is a suite of Internet applications created by Netscape Communications. This suite includes Messenger (E-mail client), Navigator (web browser), Composer (web page editor), and several other programs.

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Two or more computers connected to each other and sharing resources.

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An Internet service which is like a big bulletin board system. There are thousands of newsgroups on hundreds of topics. There are two types of newsgroups: moderated and unmoderated. Moderated newsgroups have their content monitored to ensure related postings are posted and no unrelated content or adversements is posted. Unmoderated newsgroups to not monitor or screen out the posted content.

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A program used to read and send newsgroup postings.

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