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Technical Glossary: P

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Also known as Page Impressions. Hits on web pages only -- all other files are not counted.

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Portable Document Format. A special document format created by Adobe Systems, Inc. This file requires a special program called Adobe Acrobat which is available for free from Adobe's web site. Many companies like using this format to preserve special formatting and high quality images not available in standard HTML format.

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Practical Extraction and Reporting Language. The most popular scripting language used on Unix web servers to program CGI scripts. There are even port of PERL for Windows 95/98 and Windows NT.

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The operating system software a user is running. For example: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, OS/2, Unix, DOS, MacIntosh, etc. This information is sometimes helpful if a web site is taking advantage of operating system specific features.

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Post Office Protocol. E-mail server that holds incomming e-mail message until they can be read.

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A set of rules that determine how computers are going to communicate to each other.

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Last Updated: Thursday, March 25, 1999

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