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Microsoft Internet Connection Wizard

Introduction and Table of Contents

This tutorial will step you through the Microsoft Internet Connection Wizard. The Connection Wizard will configure several Microsoft Internet applications at once. All you need to do is step through each page of the wizard and answer the questions it asks.

Table of Contents

  1. Starting Internet Connection Wizard
  2. Internet Connection Wizard dialog box
  3. Setup Options
  4. Setup Your Internet Connection
  5. Install Modem/Modem Detection
  6. Dial-up Phone Number
  7. Logon Username and Password
  8. Dial-up Connection Name
  9. Setup Mail Account
  10. Internet Mail Account
  11. Your Name (for E-mail)
  12. Internet E-mail Address
  13. E-mail Server Names
  14. Internet Mail Logon
  15. Mail Account Name
  16. Setup Your Internet News Account
  17. Internet News Account
  18. Your Name (for News)
  19. Internet News E-mail Address
  20. Internet News Server Name
  21. Internet News Account Name
  22. Setup Your Internet Directory Service
  23. Complete Configuration
  24. Finished

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Last Updated: Thursday, March 25, 1999

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