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AlaNet Wizard Logon

Please call us at 702-2949 or e-mail us at before you attempt to use this system. Your user information must be registered with us on the downtown server before you can create web pages.

If you already have a web page called "index.html" in your public_html folder, it will be replaced.


AlaNet Wizard Help and Instructions

Instructions on How to Use the AlaNet Wizard
The purpose of the AlaNet Wizard is to allow novice AlaNet customers the ability to easily create their own web page. This system allows the user to create a personal web page without any knowledge of programming or HTML. If you can type, you can use this system.

This system is divided into two pages -- the logon page (this page), and the AlaNet Wizard page (the next page). To begin using the system, please do the following:

  • Fill in your AlaNet username in the "Username" field above.*

  • Fill in your AlaNet password in the "Password" field above.*

  • Click on the "Logon" button to continue. This will authenticate you (verify that you are an active AlaNet customer) and bring up the next page. If you did not provide a valid username and password, the system will display an error page.

* Your username and password is the same as your username and password for dialing on to the Internet, accessing your e-mail account, uploading files via FTP, and logging on to Telnet. Please remember that all usernames are in lower case letters only.

Once on the AlaNet Wizard page, fill out the various fields with the correct information. Below is a listing of the available fields and their meanings:

Field Description
Page Title Title of your web page.

Examples: "Welcome to Joe's Homepage" or "Welcome to My Place in Cyberspace".

This title will appear in the web browser's title bar and on the first line of text on the page.

Page Theme This is a list of "themes" or styles that determine the type of graphics that appear on your page. You can create your page in several themes and decide which one you like best.
Page Content This is where the text of your web page goes. We recommend that you plan out what you are going to say on your page before filling in this field. Usually, you can use a simple text editor like Notepad (Windows) or SimpleText (Mac) to type in the "body" of your page. Then you can "cut" and "paste" your content to this field. If you do not know how to "cut and paste" text, then you can just type your content in directly into the field.
E-mail Address Do you want to put your e-mail address on your web page? It is practical to put your e-mail address on your page so that people can reach you to comment on your page or just to say "hello". However, not every wants this functionality and so we give it to you optionally. If you choose "yes", your normal AlaNet e-mail address will be used (which is
E-mail Label If you choose to display your e-mail address on the web page, you can use this field to specify the text that will display for your e-mail link.

Examples: "Click Here to E-mail Me" or "Joe's E-mail" or ""

Common Links This is list of common places of interest on the Internet. Simply "check" the box next to the Internet sites you want on your homepage. These links will be listed in the "My Favorite Links" section of your web page.
Custom Links We cannot list all the possible links that you may desire on your page, so we allow you to specify some of your own links that we did not list for you. In the "Link Name" column type the "name" you want to associate with the link and in the "Link URL" type the actual address to Internet site. The Link URL requires the protocol prefix to work, like "http://".

Link Name: AlaNet
Link URL:

This is an advanced feature. If you don't know what any of this stuff is, just leave it blank.

Tips 'n' Tricks

Q #1. My friend wants to see my homepage, how do I tell him/her how to find it?

First of all, you need to know what your homepage address is. All AlaNet user homepages follow this format: "" where username is the username you use to logon to the system, dial your AlaNet Internet account, access e-mail ,etc. For example, if your username is "jdoe", then your homepage would be "".

It is sometimes difficult to remember Internet addresses, so you should find a piece of paper to write it down for your friend. You should also attempt to access your page this way before you give out your address to all your friends.

Q #2. How do I make my homepage the default page when I start my web browser?

Most browsers have a value like "Default Homepage" or "Start Page" depending on the browser you are using. If you are unsure which browser you are using, click on the About item in the Help menu. After going through these steps, you can test out this feature by clicking on the "Home" button (or menu item) on your browser or you can close the browser and re-open it.

Select the help depending on your browser:

* AlaNet does not currently support Internet Explorer 4 or any Netscape version. These instructions are for the benefit of users that are using these browsers, but we will try to provide technical support if you have problems.


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All rights reserved.

Last Updated: Thursday, March 25, 1999

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